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Want to Improve Your Sleep Habits?

Sleep is important for your body. It can affect many different aspects of your well-being, ranging from brain and heart health to overall energy levels and your ability to fight off disease. If you wake up tired, feel easily annoyed, have trouble falling asleep, or have trouble staying asleep, these may be signs you’re notContinue reading “Want to Improve Your Sleep Habits?”

¿Sabías que dormir es bueno para tu cerebro?

¿Sabían que mientras están dormidos su cerebro todavía está trabajando duro? La falta de sueno perjudica su habilidad de razonar, resolver problemas, y enfocarse en los detalles. Estudios muestran que el sueno ayuda a restaurar el cerebro por eliminando las toxinas como el beta-amiloide de el cerebro. El beta-amiloide es un marcador primario de laContinue reading “¿Sabías que dormir es bueno para tu cerebro?”

Managing sleep problems in people with Alzheimer’s — Tips

Alzheimer’s disease often affects a person’s sleeping habits. It may be hard to get the person to go to bed and stay there. Someone with Alzheimer’s may sleep a lot or not enough, and may wake up many times during the night.