About Us

Our Vision

The ICRN will make Illinois a national leader in the development and implementation of effective community-based models for adults to access research, education, training and support services to promote cognitive health and quality of life.

Our Mission

The ICRN will leverage strengths of the Alzheimer’s Association chapters serving Illinois, Alzheimer’s Disease Assistance Centers, and organizations in the Aging, Disability and Public Health Networks to optimize the cognitive and functional well-being of Illinois residents and their families.

Our History

A State-Based Coalition to Improve Access to Resources for Cognitive Health

Meeting Minutes

Records of the topics covered and discussed during ICRN meetings.


Illinois has been recognized as a Dementia Friendly State and ICRN has become a Dementia Friends State Champion.

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Looking for more information on how to become a Dementia Friendly Community or Dementia Friends Champion? Or, how to become a member organization of ICRN?