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A Dementia Friend learns about dementia and then turns that understanding into action. We all have a part to play in creating dementia friendly communities!

Susan Frick, of the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center, shares on Loneliness and Alzheimer’s Disease and the importance of staying connected.

Two Ways to Become a Dementia Friend

Sign up online. In only takes a few minutes but will make a world of difference for people with dementia in your community.

Have all New Employees Become a Dementia Friend

Consider including the Dementia Friends online sign-up as part of onboarding for all new employees. Here is a template which could be used to explain the process.

Participate in an in-person or virtual presentation provided by a Dementia Champion. One is given virtually each month by the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center. Contact Susan Frick at for details.

Have a group that is interested in Dementia Friends?

Groups could include; book clubs, service organizations, work groups, and church groups, just to name a few. Any group could learn about the Dementia Friends program.

Email Susan Frick and we will connect you with a Dementia Champion who could give a talk for your group.

Share the News

Once you have become a Dementia Friend, share the news with others. Post on social media and encourage others to become a Friend.

It will take all of us in Illinois to work together to make our communities supportive of those living with dementia.

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