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Bold PHCOE to Host Virtual Dementia Caregiving Event, Monday, June 12

On June 12th 11:00am-12:30pm ET, join BOLD PHCOE (Public Health Center of Excellence) on their virtual Dementia Caregiving event, “The Value of State Dementia Registries for Public Health Action in Dementia Caregiving.” Continue reading the flyer below for more information: Register at

Caring for Someone With a Frontotemporal Disorder

People living with frontotemporal disorders (FTD), sometimes called frontotemporal dementia, can have a range of symptoms, including unusual behaviors, emotional problems, trouble communicating, and difficulty walking. There is no cure for FTD and no way to slow it down or prevent it. However, there are ways to help manage symptoms. Consider these strategies to helpContinue reading “Caring for Someone With a Frontotemporal Disorder”

Register Today for CMSS Elder Law Virtual Event: “When Dementia Leads to a Dilemma”

If you have a loved one navigating memory loss and are concerned with how to plan for their future, this event can provide helpful information to get started. Click here to register today!

National Alliance for Caregiving Webinar Release February 28

Webinar Release – Supporting Diverse Family Caregivers: A Guide for Patient Advocacy Groups Join the National Alliance for Caregiving for the release of their new guide, Supporting Diverse Family Caregivers: A Guide for Patient Advocacy Groups. This guide provides information learned from diverse family caregivers on how their culture may affect their caregiving role andContinue reading “National Alliance for Caregiving Webinar Release February 28”

What Does Medicare Cover?

Medicare Open Enrollment for 2023 closed on December 7, 2022. Medicare is a federal health insurance program that helps pay some medical costs for people age 65 and older, and for people younger than age 65 with certain disabilities and serious health conditions. Medicare has different parts that help cover specific services, such as thoseContinue reading “What Does Medicare Cover?”