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What Does Medicare Cover?

Medicare Open Enrollment for 2023 closed on December 7, 2022. Medicare is a federal health insurance program that helps pay some medical costs for people age 65 and older, and for people younger than age 65 with certain disabilities and serious health conditions. Medicare has different parts that help cover specific services, such as thoseContinue reading “What Does Medicare Cover?”

Download Your Copy of Rush Alzheimer’s Latest Caregiver Resource Guide

This year’s RADC General Resource Guide includes a Caregiver Resource List as a bonus edition! Designed by social worker, Charon Cannon, MSW, LSW, the fifth edition of this guide was written with the family unit in mind, regardless of structure. Worksheets are provided to caregivers to assist them in identifying areas where additional assistance mayContinue reading “Download Your Copy of Rush Alzheimer’s Latest Caregiver Resource Guide”

Registration Open for AARP Caregiving Conference

This annual event, sponsored by AARP Illinois and community partners provides vital information, resources, support services, and self-care workshops for Latino family caregivers. Register online at:…/30187f0f-3cdc-4943…/register

Managing Medicines for a Person with Alzheimer’s disease

People with Alzheimer’s disease may take medicines to treat the disease, mood or behavior changes, or other medical conditions. They may need help keeping track of their medicines and taking them at the right time. As a caregiver, you can take steps to ensure medicines are taken safely and correctly. Consider these tips: Learn moreContinue reading “Managing Medicines for a Person with Alzheimer’s disease”

What Types of Care are Available for a Person With Dementia?

A person with dementia will need more care as symptoms worsen over time. Problems with memory, thinking, and behavior often present challenges for those with dementia as well as for their family members. Whether the disease is in early or late stages, there are support systems, resources, and services that can help. Several different typesContinue reading “What Types of Care are Available for a Person With Dementia?”