UIC Announces Launch of Dementia Friendly Training Program for Buildings

The Chicago Department of Family and Support Services Age-Friendly Commission and the University of Illinois at Chicago, are excited to announce the launching of their Dementia-Friendly Buildings Training Program as a self-directed training module.

This no-cost, 1-hour, educational program follows the curriculum offered to more than 350 building managers throughout the city.  Apartment managers and building staff can take the program at their leisure and print off a certificate of completion when they are done.  Video segments show practical ways to interact with residents living with dementia.  The training program is available to all building staff whether management, security, or maintenance.  Please share with your employees and contract service agencies as a way to make building properties and Chicago more dementia friendly.

Building staff is welcome to visit www.dementiafriendlybuildings.com and register to take part in this training which focuses on understanding the causes of dementia, communication techniques and community resources to assist your residents coping with progressive dementias. A flyer describing the program is attached and can be distributed or posted in break rooms as a reminder.

For questions, please contact Danielle Riley at: 312-743-1475 email Danielle.riley@cityofchicago.org or Victoria Russo at: 312-743-3528 email Victoria.russo@cityofchicago.org.

Last Updated on July 12, 2022

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