7 Tips to Prevent Wandering in a Person with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Many people with Alzheimer’s disease wander away from home or their caregiver. There are ways you can help prevent wandering and keep the person with Alzheimer’s safe. Check out these 7 tips:

  • Do not leave a person with Alzheimer’s who has a history of wandering unattended.
  • Place STOP, DO NOT ENTER, or CLOSED signs on doors.
  • Divert the attention of the person with Alzheimer’s disease away from using the door by placing small scenic posters on the door; placing removable gates, curtains, or brightly colored streamers across the door; or wallpapering the door to match any adjoining walls.
  • Install safety devices found in hardware stores to limit how much windows can be opened.
  • Install an “announcing system” that chimes when a door is opened.
  • Secure the yard with fencing and a locked gate.
  • Keep shoes, keys, suitcases, coats, hats, and other signs of departure out of sight.

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Last Updated on April 29, 2020

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