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Infographic: 5 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated to Exercise

Being physically active is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your health and independence as you age. Physical activity can help boost your health and improve your mood. However, even if you know the benefits of physical activity, it’s not always easy to stay motivated to exercise. Keep these tipsContinue reading “Infographic: 5 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated to Exercise”

Go4Life Coach Tip: Stay Physically Active to Prevent Falls and Improve your Balance

Stay physically active to prevent falls and improve your balance. Did you know that more than 2 million older Americans go to the emergency room because of fall-related injuries each year? A simple fall can cause serious fracture of the arm, hand, ankle, or hip. The good news is that you can help prevent fallsContinue reading “Go4Life Coach Tip: Stay Physically Active to Prevent Falls and Improve your Balance”

Watch these Safety Videos

If you exercise regularly, you’ve probably learned that it’s important to stretch beforehand. If you’re a walker, you might know to purchase new shoes when the tread is worn out or if your feet feel tired after exercising. No matter the activity, playing it safe while exercising is important. Go4Life has 6 exercise safety videos,Continue reading “Watch these Safety Videos”

Adapting Activities for People with Alzheimer’s

Doing things we enjoy gives us pleasure and adds meaning to our lives. People with Alzheimer’s disease need to be active and do things they enjoy— there are ways you can help! Plan activities that the person with Alzheimer’s enjoys in your daily routine and try to do them at a similar time each day.Continue reading “Adapting Activities for People with Alzheimer’s”

Fun Family Activities You Can do this Summer

Summertime is a great time to be active with your family. Family gatherings provide opportunities to build in time for exercise and physical activity. Being physically active can be more fun with those you love, and you’ll benefit from improved health and time spent together. You can go biking, jogging, or hiking at a nearbyContinue reading “Fun Family Activities You Can do this Summer”

Celebrate Go4Life Month

It’s July, and that means it’s time to start thinking about your plan for Go4Life Month, coming up in September. This year’s theme is Get Motivated! Get Moving! Go4Life! There are many different events and activities that you can arrange, such as:   starting a walking club working with your local library to arrange for an exercise class posting messagesContinue reading “Celebrate Go4Life Month”

Go4Life Coach Tip: Keep it up! Stay motivated to be active!

Regular physical activity is a great way to gain health benefits and maintain your independence as you get older. Choose activities that are fun, motivate you, and keep your interest so that it’s easier to make exercise and physical activity part of your routine. If you like music, you can take dancing lessons or listenContinue reading “Go4Life Coach Tip: Keep it up! Stay motivated to be active!”

Exercising with Alzheimer’s

Regular exercise can have many benefits for people with Alzheimer’s disease, though some people may have trouble getting around during the later stages. If the person with Alzheimer’s has trouble with tasks like walking, choose gentle forms of exercise like: Simple household chores like sweeping and dusting Riding a stationary bike Using soft rubber exerciseContinue reading “Exercising with Alzheimer’s”