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Watch Alzheimer’s Association’s ALZ Talks: Healthy Habits for Your Brain 

Learn about research-based recommendations on ways to reduce risk of developing cognitive decline and possibly dementia. This “ALZ Talks” by the Alzheimer’s Association offers tips on how to make small changes to build healthier habits. Watch the recording here.

Add These Healthy Behaviors to Your Routine

Cognitive health — the ability to clearly think, learn, and remember — is an important component of performing everyday activities. A growing body of scientific research suggests certain lifestyle behaviors may support your cognitive health. Consider incorporating these healthy behaviors into your routine: Maintain physical health Manage stress Stay connected with social activities by videoContinue reading “Add These Healthy Behaviors to Your Routine”

Take Care of Your Heart!

You probably know that heart health is important as you grow older. But did you know that doing 30 minutes of physical activity on most or all days of the week can help keep your heart healthy? There are many other ways that you can help take care of your heart. You can: Follow aContinue reading “Take Care of Your Heart!”

Make Choices Today for a Healthier Tomorrow!

Lifestyle choices you make today can lead to a healthier future. Check out this infographic to learn how eating and a healthy diet can help control or delay age-related health problems. For more on ways to stay active throughout the year, visit the Go4Life website. Learn more about healthy eating on the NIA website.

How to Deal with Dry and Itchy Skin this Winter

Many older people suffer from dry spots on their skin, often on their lower legs, elbows, and lower arms. Dry skin patches feel rough and scaly. There are many possible reasons for dry skin, such as not drinking enough liquids, being in dry air, smoking, stress, and losing sweat and oil glands, which is common withContinue reading “How to Deal with Dry and Itchy Skin this Winter”

Tips on Keeping Your Heart Healthy as You Age

Keep your heart healthy as you get older by: Being more physically active. Talk with your doctor about the type of activities that would be best for you. Move every day, even just for 10 minutes at a time (or less!). Start by doing activities you enjoy—brisk walking, dancing, bowling, bicycling, or gardening. Get more ideas on howContinue reading “Tips on Keeping Your Heart Healthy as You Age”