NIA Study Shows Only 1 in 4 Individuals With Dementia Living in the Community Receive Paid Care

Home health aides, personal care attendants, and other paid caregivers can supplement support from family caregivers to help people with dementia live safely at home and in the community. A new NIA-funded study found that only 1 in 4 community‐dwelling individuals with dementia received paid care, highlighting the need to make it more accessible. Even for individuals who received paid care, family caregivers provided more than half of reported care hours.

The individuals who were mostly likely to receive paid care were men, unmarried people, Medicaid recipients, and those requiring more help with daily activities. Less likely to receive paid care were people in the middle-income range. The authors noted lower rates of paid caregiving among middle‐income individuals suggest the middle class may face unique challenges, as they do not qualify for Medicaid‐funded home care or have the means to pay significant caregiving costs out of pocket.

Read more about this NIA-funded research.

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