30-Day Brain Health Challenge

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Dear RA2 Members and Colleagues,

As you have likely seen we recently launched the Be Brain Powerful™ campaign. The campaign is designed to infuse hope into the Alzheimer’s conversation by educating communities about the steps they can take to take charge of their brain. Our first activity is the 30-Day Brain Health Challenge. It is easy to sign up via a link on our website. Once you sign up, we send a daily reminder about ways to stay brain healthy. We have over 5,000 people engaged in the challenge so far, and we hope you will join us as well.

Share the challenge with your networks: Attached you will find our Be Brain Powerful™ 30-Day Brain Health Challenge Toolkit that includes messaging and images for social media platforms as well as a newsletter/website blurb. We’ve provided these samples to make it easy for you to share with your network but also welcome your customization of them, as you deem appropriate.

Thank you for sharing this Brain Health Challenge with your networks, and for diving in as well!

We will continue to keep you updated on our progress and look forward to collaborating with you on this important work and on our joint advocacy efforts throughout the year.  

Patrick Rochelle

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