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What Types of Care are Available for a Person with Dementia?

A person with dementia will need more care as symptoms worsen over time. Problems with memory, thinking, and behavior often present challenges for those with dementia as well as for their family members. Whether the disease is in early or late stages, there are support systems, resources, and services that can help. Several different typesContinue reading “What Types of Care are Available for a Person with Dementia?”

Telehealth and Dementia Care

Telehealth uses video calling and other technologies to support patients and their caregivers at home. By making dementia care and education more accessible, telehealth can help manage dementia issues at home before a crisis happens. Telehealth can help improve dementia care, lessen caregiver burden and stress, and improve quality of life for people with dementiaContinue reading “Telehealth and Dementia Care”