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Happening Now: Woodson Regional Library’s “Love Your Heart” Workshop

Happening Today!!! Check out the Woodson Regional Library’s new program “Love Your Heart.” Held the first Friday of every month from 10 AM – 3 PM, this event will offer attendees free blood pressure screenings and educational workshops on heart health.

Looking for Help With Legal and Financial Planning?

Many people are unprepared to deal with the legal and financial consequences of a serious illness such as Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. Legal and medical experts encourage people recently diagnosed with a serious illness — particularly one expected to cause mental and physical decline — to examine and update their financial and healthContinue reading “Looking for Help With Legal and Financial Planning?”

Want to Improve Your Sleep Habits?

Sleep is important for your body. It can affect many different aspects of your well-being, ranging from brain and heart health to overall energy levels and your ability to fight off disease. If you wake up tired, feel easily annoyed, have trouble falling asleep, or have trouble staying asleep, these may be signs you’re notContinue reading “Want to Improve Your Sleep Habits?”

How to Help a Parent Who Is the Primary Caregiver

A primary caregiver—especially a spouse—may be hesitant to ask for help or a break. Be sure to acknowledge how important the caregiver has been for the care recipient. Also, discuss the physical and emotional effects caregiving can have on people. Although caregiving can be satisfying, it also can be very hard work. Offer to arrangeContinue reading “How to Help a Parent Who Is the Primary Caregiver”

How to Share Caregiving Responsibilities with Family Members

Caring for an older family member often requires teamwork. While one sibling might be local and take on most of the everyday caregiving responsibilities, a long-distance caregiver can also have an important role. As a long-distance caregiver, you can provide important respite to the primary caregiver and support to the aging family member. Talk About Caregiving ResponsibilitiesContinue reading “How to Share Caregiving Responsibilities with Family Members”

Where Can I Find Local Resources for an Aging Parent or Relative?

Searching online is a good way to start collecting resources. Here are a few potentially helpful places to look: Eldercare Locator, 800-677-1116 National Institute on Aging website Family Care Navigator Your state government’s website You might also check with local senior centers. Learn more about long-distance caregiving. For a print copy of NIA’s booklet on Long-Distance Caregiving: TwentyContinue reading “Where Can I Find Local Resources for an Aging Parent or Relative?”