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Dementia Friendly Illinois

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Illinois was recognized as a Dementia Friendly state in 2017, as part of Dementia Friendly America. Currently twenty-six communities in Illinois are designated as Dementia Friendly with many more in the process. ICRN supports Dementia Friendly Illinois and has collected resources to help the efforts of communities in Illinois to become part of the Dementia Friendly America movement.

Dementia Friendly Illinois is about working with persons with dementia and their support systems.  All too often, persons living with or at risk for dementia feel alone and unheard. They feel left out from the activities in their community that promote well-being. Dementia Friendly Illinois is about reversing the narrative. Communities, big and small, can see the value in making their communities more dementia friendly. Dementia Friendly Illinois is about improving the journey of persons with dementia and their support systems.

Create a Dementia Friendly America together

Becoming a Dementia Friendly Community will have a great impact on many members of the Illinois community. Watch a few of those that Dementia Friendly America has worked to support as they respond to the question, “How can we create a more Dementia Friendly America together?”