Library Support

Helping the Dementia Friendly Initiative through education, resources, outreach and support

For many Dementia Friendly Communities, the public library is a key part of their efforts.

Libraries provide programming and resources for people with dementia, their caregivers and the greater community.

Library Efforts within Dementia Friendly Communities

Elgin Public Library

  • Elgin Memory Cafe’
  • Stressbusting for Caregivers of Those with Chronic Conditions
  • Music and Memory
  • Videos on Great American Amusement Parks and Mountain Men and Women of the Wild West
  • Power Points on Route 66 and The History of Drive-In Movie Theaters
  • Easily reproducible programs
  • Kits to drop-off at homes and senior facilities
  • Technology that works

Facebook Live event on the Memory Care Collection at the Elgin Public Library.

Westmont Public Library

The Caregiver Corner at the Westmont Public Library

Additional Library Efforts

Carter G Woodson Chicago Regional Public Library

  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Arts for Brain Health Programs
  • Caregiver Support Groups

General Library Resources

Dementia Awareness Training for Public Library Staff

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