How to Exercise Safely When Temperatures Soar

You may know that having an exercise routine is key to healthy aging, but do you know which precautions to take when the temperatures soar? Planning ahead will make exercising more enjoyable and protect your health. Follow these simple guidelines.

  • Check the weather forecast. If it’s very hot or humid, exercise inside or walk in an air-conditioned building like a shopping mall.
  • Drink plenty of liquids. Water and fruit juices are great options. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. If your doctor has told you to limit liquids, ask about other ways you can stay hydrated on hot days.
  • Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothes in natural fabrics to let air circulate and moisture evaporate. If it’s a bit chilly when you begin, dress in layers so you can easily remove clothing as your body warms up from activity.
  • Know the signs of heat-related complications. Get medical help right away if you think someone is showing signs of illness, such as dizziness, cramping, swelling, or exhaustion.

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