Lorenzo’s House Announces Free Youth Summit for Children of Those Living With Alzheimer’s

CHICAGO, IL – Lorenzo’s House, a nonprofit dedicated to innovative care for individuals with younger-onset Alzheimer’s and their families, has announced a free virtual one-day international youth summit geared towards young people of a parent or guardian diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Dubbed “Lorenzo’s Camp,” this inaugural free virtual summit will be held from 10am-4pm CST on Monday, June 21st in a symbolic celebration of the Summer Solstice, which has traditionally represented enlightenment, awakening, and the triumph of light over darkness. We will turn The
Longest Day in the Alzheimer’s community into “The Brightest Day,” an opportunity for young caregivers to find community, solidarity, and wellness through story-sharing and expert-facilitated sessions.

“The children of a parent or guardian diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s Disease are often the only ones in their immediate worlds experiencing this journey. They walk unique lives, as they try to balance being a kid while also often serving as caregiver for their family,” says Tessa Garcia-McEwen (AM, LSW) from The Memory Center at UChicago Medicine. Garcia-McEwen is serving as a guest camp facilitator for the event. “This is a rare opportunity for these youth to connect with others in a similar boat, and that will be tremendously soul-filling and formative. It’s so important for their development and mental health to be seen and heard.”

The event will feature art making with the Yale University Art Gallery, storytelling and reflections on self-care, caregiving, and communication strategies with The Memory Center at UChicago Medicine RUSH Alzheimer’s Disease Center, The Youth Movement Against Alzheimer’s, Laughter on Call, Berna Huebner, and additional support from Hilarity for Charity, an organization founded by Lauren Miller Rogen and Seth Rogen.

Lorenzo’s House was founded by Executive Director, Diana Shulla Cose after her husband Lorenzo was diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s in 2017. “Alzheimer’s is a diagnosis that is felt by the whole family, and I very quickly recognized the urgent needs for quality care for my husband and comfortable spaces for our family to belong. This vision led me to creating Lorenzo’s House,” Cose explains. Just as younger-onset Alzheimer’s is a diagnosis of the family, Lorenzo’s House is a place centered on more than just memory care for the patient at the heart of this trauma. Diana and Lorenzo’s teenage son Lucas imagined a space that would offer solace and connection for young caregivers, specifically those of a parent or guardian diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s. “Too many young caregivers like me are struggling alone and shouldn’t have to be,” Lucas Cose notes. “We can use this youth summit to begin building an alliance.” These are the roots of Lorenzo’s Camp – the event will be a place where youth aged middle school to college are able to come to build unity, be heard, and be inspired.

Applications are now open through June 9. You can apply here and join an optional Information Session.

Details below.
What: Lorenzo’s Camp – An International Free Single Day Virtual Youth Summit: We Bring Light to Alzheimer’s Who: Youth of a parent or guardian diagnosed with younger onset Alzheimer’s Disease (middle school through college – anywhere.) When: Monday, June 21, 2021 10am – 4pm CST / Summer Solstice

*Optional Information Session: Monday, June 7, 2021 at 6:00pm CST.
Where: Zoom. Apply now. Space is limited! Intimate small group. FREE of cost. Attend an optional info session. Apply today at http://www.lorenzoshouse.org/youth-camp

Made possible in partnership with:
The Memory Center at The University of Chicago Medicine, Chicago Methodist Senior Services, Youth Movement Against Alzheimer’s, Yale University Art Gallery, RUSH Alzheimer’s Disease Center/Without Warning, Laughter On Call, Berna Huebner, Hilarity for Charity, founded by Lauren Miller Rogen and Seth Rogen.

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