Dementia Increases the Risk and Severity of COVID-19, Study Finds

A new study found that people with dementia were more likely to get COVID-19, more likely to require hospitalization, and more likely to die from the disease compared to people without dementia. This risk was even higher in Black patients with dementia.

Researchers looked at electronic health records of millions of U.S. adults. Results showed that people with dementia were twice as likely to get COVID-19 compared to people without dementia. It’s possible that memory problems associated with dementia make it difficult for patients to wear masks, wash hands frequently, and practice physical distancing, the researchers suggest.

Study findings point to the need for effective measures to protect older adults with dementia from COVID-19. Although the findings need to be replicated, they lay the foundation for future research into COVID-19 and dementia.

Learn more about the recent study of COVID-19 risk and dementia and explore the latest COVID-19 information.

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