How to Recognize When an Aging Parent Needs Help

When caring for an aging parent from afar, it can be hard to know when your help is needed. Your parent may not want to worry you or may be embarrassed to admit that he or she cannot handle certain daily activities. You may recognize differences in their behavior. These signs may seem small, but they are crucial for an aging parent’s safety and well-being. A parent may:

  • Withdraw from activities
  • Forget to take medication
  • Stop taking care of themselves or their home

If you notice signs that your parent needs help, you may need to:

  • Contact people who see your parent regularly and ask them to call you with any concerns
  • Schedule a family conference call with your parent’s medical providers so that several relatives can receive the same up-to-date health information
  • Talk with your parent about assigning someone to act on their behalf in medical situations

Visit NIA’s website to read more about signs an aging parent may need help and what you can do on NIA’s website.

Last Updated on March 8, 2021

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