Getting Your Affairs in Order

Are you sifting through personal papers as part of spring-cleaning? If so, you have already begun the process of getting your affairs in order! You may not be expecting to get sick or have a disability, but planning for it ahead of time can make all the difference in an emergency.

Follow these tips to help get your affairs in order:

  1. Put your important papers and copies of legal documents in one place.
  2. Tell a trusted family member or friend where you put all your important papers.
  3. Discuss your end-of-life preferences with your doctor. Talking with your doctor can help ensure that your wishes are honored.
  4. Give permission in advance for your doctor or lawyer to talk with your caregiver or loved ones as needed.

Consult the NIA website for information on advance care planning, and to learn about legal and financial planning for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Click here to see the whole infographic.

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