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Safe Eating and Alzheimer’s Disease

In the early stage of Alzheimer’s, people’s eating habits usually don’t change. When changes do occur, living alone may not be safe anymore. Look for these signs to see if living alone is no longer safe for the person with Alzheimer’s:

  • The person forgets to eat.
  • Food has burned because it was left on the stove.
  • The oven isn’t turned off.

Tips to make mealtimes easier for people with Alzheimer's infographic. Click through for transcriptOther difficulties, such as not sitting down long enough for meals and refusing to eat, can arise in the middle and late stages of the disease. These changes can lead to poor nourishment, dehydration, abnormally low blood pressure, and other problems.

Learn more about healthy eating and Alzheimer’s disease on the NIA website.

Get helpful tips to make mealtimes easier for people with Alzheimer’s in this infographic.

Published by Chrishun Brown

Communications Manager for the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center

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