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Eat Healthy on a Budget with These 10 Tips

Shopping for healthy food can be hard if you’re on a fixed income, but you can still eat healthy on a budget. Once you’ve decided how much you can spend on food, find grocery store ads, apps, or websites to see what is on sale and plan meals around featured items. You can:

  • Ask about discounts—Your local grocery store may have a senior discount or a loyalty card.
  • Use coupons when you can—Coupons are only useful when you’re buying that item anyway. Another brand may cost less even after using the coupon.
  • Check the store brand—The store brand usually costs less than national brands.

You can read more about these and other tips for eating healthy on a budget   from the National Institute on Aging.

Published by Chrishun Brown

Communications Manager for the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center

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