Now Available: New Booklet on Clinical Trials and Older People

Having older adults enrolled in clinical trials helps researchers get the information they need to develop the right treatments for older people.

clinical trials and older people booklet cover with doctor talking to 2 patients

The new, easy-to-read booklet Clinical Trials and Older Adults explains:

  • What a clinical trial is
  • Reasons why people take part in a clinical trial
  • How to find a clinical trial
  • Benefits and risks of a clinical trial

Order free copies of this booklet for yourself, friends and family, patients, or clients.

Learn more about why researchers need older and diverse participants in their studies on our website.

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Order free copies of the new, easy-to-read booklet Clinical Trials and Older Adults and help get more older people involved in research studies:

Last Updated on April 29, 2020

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