Dementia Friendly America: July 2018 Newsletter

New Radio Segment Helps Children Whose Family Members Have Dementia
When dementia strikes, all members of a family are affected—including children. Younger children might struggle with the concept of memories and how they can fade away. Others might not know how to interact with their grandparents, who are now forgetful and repeat themselves. When a grandparent lives at home, kids might be reluctant to invite their friends to their house. Dementia Friendly Missoula recently partnered with Montana Public Radio (MTPR), on a 30-minute radio segment, 
When Alzheimer’s Moves into the Family, that aired as part of a new initiative on MTPR’s long-standing children’s program, The Pea Green Boat. The new initiative, Kids Like You and Me, focuses on stories and interviews with children who have experienced what it’s like to be different from other children. The project was truly intergenerational: MTPR and DFM worked with a semi-retired librarian, two students who are members of a local high school’s Health Occupations Students of America club, a six-year old whose great-grandmother has Alzheimer’s, a retired physician and former caregiver.

Dementia Friendly Business Resources
A new DFA resource aims to help DFA communities as they encourage local businesses to become dementia friendly. Based on lessons learned from DFA communities, a new DFA tip sheet, 
Dementia Friendly Businesses and Organizations: Information for Starting a Local Initiative, provides information on the business benefits, criteria, content and best practices businesses can use to become more dementia friendly. The DFA website also includes examples of dementia friendly business trainings such as the Dementia Friendly @ Workprogram, which can be offered by peers within an agency or business. DFA partner Home Instead offers an Alzheimer’s Friendly Business online course. These resources and more are available in the Dementia Friendly America Resources portal!

Youth Movement Against Alzheimer’s Featured on the Today Show
A recent 
Today Show segment focused on the impact Alzheimer’s and dementia have on youth and young adults, particularly as more of them become caregivers for family members affected by dementia. The segment examined how millennials are caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease. DFA partner Youth Movement Against Alzheimer’s (YMAA) and its CEO/Co-Founder, Nihal Satyadev, were featured in the segment. The mission of YMAA is to promote understanding of Alzheimer’s among youth and young adults by providing opportunities to help those it affects.

LeadingAge Initiative Encourages Millennials to Talk to Parents About Long-Term Services and Supports
It is important to establish older relatives’ care preferences, concerns and deal breakers so families feel prepared for the future. Millennials have an opportunity over the summer to begin these care discussions while spending time with their family members. Encourage young adults to start the conversation by sharing resources from the 
Carry the Convo campaign and spread the word in your community!

AARP Investing $60 Million to Fund Research for Cures to Dementia and Alzheimer’s
AARP’s Brain Health Fund announced that it will 
invest $60 million in the Dementia Discovery Fund (DDF), which invests in research and development of breakthrough treatments for dementia. By bringing together the world’s best minds to accelerate global research efforts, the hope is that DDF will help to kick-start a different approach to dementia research by applying Silicon Valley’s venture capital model to fund research toward new therapies. Founded in 2015, DDF has invested in 16 organizations that are exploring new pathways for treating dementia.

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