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How a Positive State of Mind Can Lead to a Healthier You

“Happiness is the highest form of health.” – Dalai Lama What is Happiness? What is happiness? Happy, being in a state of happiness means different things to different people. If asked, some would say that happiness is associated with satisfaction in one’s self, while others might say that happiness is one’s appreciation of life. WhileContinue reading “How a Positive State of Mind Can Lead to a Healthier You”

Go4Life Coach Tip: Keep it up! Stay motivated to be active!

Regular physical activity is a great way to gain health benefits and maintain your independence as you get older. Choose activities that are fun, motivate you, and keep your interest so that it’s easier to make exercise and physical activity part of your routine. If you like music, you can take dancing lessons or listenContinue reading “Go4Life Coach Tip: Keep it up! Stay motivated to be active!”

Make the Most of Your Doctor Visit

Being able to talk to your doctor about health problems or concerns, including memory loss or dementia, supports better health care. This infographic, made by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), has 5 tips to help you make the most of your time with your doctor. Read and share with others.

The 10 Benefits of Exercise

You are never too old to start exercising. Research shows that even people who start exercising in their 80’s and 90’s experience health benefits. A study published by the International Journal of Stroke found that people between the ages of 40 to 59 – who started a fitness routine – cut their risk of aContinue reading “The 10 Benefits of Exercise”