Changing The Way We Look At Dementia 

By Judith Graham FEBRUARY 8, 2018 Come join us on Feb. 13 from 12:30 to 2 p.m. ET for a live discussion about improving care and services for people with dementia and supporting caregivers. RSVP here.    Navigating Aging focuses on medical issues and advice associated with aging and end-of-life care, helping America’s 45 million seniors and…Read more »

Middle-Stage Caregiving (Part 2) to be continued…..

The middle stages of Alzheimer’s are typically the longest and can last for many years. As dementia progresses, the person with Alzheimer’s will require a greater level of care. During this time, it’s important to get the support you need as a caregiver. What to expect Your role as caregiver Middle-stage concerns   What to…Read more »

Adapting Activities for People with Alzheimer’s Disease

Doing things we enjoy gives us pleasure and adds meaning to our lives. People with Alzheimer’s disease need to be active and do things they enjoy. However, don’t expect too much. It’s not easy for them to plan their days and do different tasks. People with Alzheimer’s may have trouble deciding what to do each…Read more »


Your Alzheimer’s Association Plate is Coming! $23 of the annual $25 renewal fee comes back to the Alzheimer’s Association to provide care, support, educational and awareness programs. We’ve Got Big News! JANUARY 2018 UPDATE: The state has approved the final design (see image above) and detailed letters are being sent to all residents that reserved…Read more »

Doctor’s Appointments: Tips for Caregivers

Working with doctors and other healthcare professionals can be an important part of being a caregiver. Some things caregivers may find especially helpful to discuss are: what to expect in the future, sources of information and support, community services, and ways they can maintain their own well-being. If you go with the person you care…Read more »