Volunteers Needed for Studies to Advance Dementia Research

Interested in volunteering for research on Alzheimer’s disease, related dementias, and cognitive health? Learn about new and featured studies below or search for clinical trials and studies near you with the Alzheimers.gov Clinical Trials Finder.

New and featured studies

Click on the trial name for details and contact information.


Cognitive Training

Daily Functioning

Exercise and Supplements

Featured Registries and Matching Services

  • Asian Cohort for Alzheimer’s Disease (ACAD) — Sign up to join a study to identify risk factors associated with Alzheimer’s in people of Asian ancestry.
  • MindCrowd — Enroll to take a brief online cognition test and join a registry to be contacted about future research studies on the aging brain.
  • Trial-Ready Cohort – Down Syndrome — Enroll to help improve methods for tracking Alzheimer’s progression in people with Down syndrome through cognitive and clinical testing, genetic and biomarker testing, brain imaging, and other tests.

Get more information about these and other Alzheimer’s clinical trials online. Or call the ADEAR Center at 800-438-4380 or email adear@nia.nih.gov.

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