Making the Most Out of Visits With Aging Parents or Relatives

Talk to the care recipient ahead of time and find out what he or she would like to do during your visit. Also check with the primary caregiver, if appropriate, to learn what he or she needs, such as handling some caregiving responsibilities while you are in town. This may help you set clear-cut and realistic goals for the visit. Decide on the priorities and leave other tasks to another visit.

Remember to actually spend time visiting with your family member. Try to make time to do things unrelated to being a caregiver, like watching a movie, playing a game, or taking a drive. Finding time to do something simple and relaxing can help everyone—it can be fun and build family memories. And, try to let outside distractions wait until you are home again.

Visiting nursing homes during COVID-19

To comply with the state department of health and CDC guidelines, nursing homes may continue to update their services and policies. Visitors may be required to wear a face mask, make an appointment to visit someone, get a COVID-19 vaccine, or maintain a six-foot distance. Before you visit, check with the facility for any updates on their policy, and follow CDC guidelines to help protect yourself during your visit.

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