8 Frequently asked questions about Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills and, eventually, the ability to carry out the simplest tasks. It is the most common cause of dementia in older adults. To learn more, explore answers to frequently asked questions below.

  • What is the difference between Alzheimer’s disease and dementia? Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia. Dementia is the loss of thinking, remembering, and reasoning skills that interferes with a person’s daily life and activities. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia among older people.
  • What are the causes of Alzheimer’s disease? Scientists do not yet fully understand what causes Alzheimer’s disease. The causes probably include a mix of age-related brain changes, along with genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.
  • Is there a way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease? Although there is no definitive evidence about what can prevent Alzheimer’s disease or age-related cognitive decline, a healthy lifestyle can lower the risk of certain chronic diseases and boost overall health and well-being.

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