Tips for Healthy Living as Dementia Progresses

A healthy diet and staying active is good for everyone, especially for people living with dementia. However, as the disease progresses, this can be increasingly challenging for caregivers. Try incorporating these tips to help:

  • Buy a variety of healthy foods. Consider food that is easy to prepare, such as premade salads and single portions.
  • Offer different food options. Give the person choices about what to eat, for example, “Would you like yogurt or cottage cheese?”
  • Consider different activities the person can do to stay active. Match the activity to what the person can do, such as cooking and baking, exercising, and gardening.
  • Take a walk together each day. Exercise is good for caregivers, too!
  • Be realistic about how much activity can be done. Several short “mini-workouts” may be best.

Check out the website to find more tips for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Last Updated on July 23, 2021

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