Supplemental Funding to Support Data Science

Supplemental funding to support data science
Harnessing the power of data and resource sharing is a fast-evolving emphasis across NIA and the broader NIH. NIA has joined several Notices of Special Interest (NOSIs) supporting fiscal year 2021 administrative supplements to strengthen the data science workforce or make NIA-supported data and software tools more open and FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable.)  

NOT-OD21-079 will provide supplements to training awards to train new scientists to be experts in FAIR and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-ready data.  
NOT-OD-21-091 will provide supplements to strengthen high-impact research software by improving software engineering and making such tools “cloud-ready.” 
NOT-OD-21-089 will provide supplements to NIH-funded biomedical data repositories to improve their alignment with NIH’s data repository best practices or to strengthen their metrics for evaluating their usage, utility, and impact.
NOT-OD-21-094 will provide supplements supporting collaborations that combine biomedical, data management, AI, and machine learning (ML) expertise. The aim is to improve the AI/ML-readiness of data generated from NIH-funded research and shared through repositories, knowledge bases, or other data resources.

Additionally, we hope these NOSIs will help the extramural community better prepare for the implementation of the New NIH Policy on Data Management and Sharing.
If you have questions about these new supplements or related data sharing rules and opportunities, please contact the NIH Office of Data Science Strategy, which leads implementation of the NIH Strategic Plan for Data Science by facilitating scientific and programmatic collaboration across NIH.

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