MHA Webinar: Top Tips to Decrease Coronavirus Anxiety & Improve Emotional Well Being 

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Top Tips to Decrease Coronavirus Anxiety & Improve Emotional Well Being 

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PT

Are you struggling with managing stress and anxiety associated with these uncertain times?  Are you stuck in worry loops and finding it difficult to move past catastrophic thoughts of an uncertain and frightening future?  In this webinar, Dr. Debra Kissen, CEO of Light on Anxiety CBT Treatment Centers, will provide you with empirically supported tips and tools, based on principles of Mindfulness Enhanced CBT, to live more fully in the moment.

Join this free, 60-minute webinar in collaboration with Anxiety and Depression Association of America where we will discuss:

  • Strategies to decrease stress and anxiety
  • Tips to increase healthy behaviors and decrease ineffective coping behaviors
  • Mindfulness-based tools to enhance your ability to attend to what is most important in your life vs. feeling stuck focusing on what your “anxiety brain” wants you to focus on.
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Meet the Presenter:

Dr. Debra Kissen is CEO of  Light On Anxiety Treatment Center CBT Treatment Center. Dr. Kissen specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for anxiety and related disorders. Dr. Kissen is the author of the Panic Workbook for Teens and Rewire YourAnxious Brains for Teens: Using CBT, Neuroscience, and Mindfulness to Help You End Anxiety, Panic, and Worry (The Instant Help Solutions Series) and shares information on empirically supported treatment for anxiety and related disorders. Dr. Kissen also has a special interest in the principles of mindfulness and their application for anxiety disorders. Dr. Kissen has presented her research on CBT and mindfulness-based treatments for anxiety and related disorders at regional and national conferences.

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