Adapting to the “New Normal”of COVID-19

COVID-19: Adjusting to the “new normal”
Richard J. Hodes, Director, National Institute on Aging
The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly changed how we live, work and learn. First and foremost, I want to assure everyone that the safety of older adults, a population known to be at high risk, is paramount to NIH and NIA leadership. 

The “new normal” of this public health emergency coupled with the guidance around physical distancing also makes this a trying time for clinicians, researchers and others who support our crucial science, including trial participants. While no one knows how long our current state will last, for now, I want to let the NIA community know that much-needed help and flexibility is already in motion as you are feeling the impact in your labs and clinical trials. Read the full blog post.

Last Updated on April 28, 2020

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