Helping a Parent Who is a Caregiver

A primary caregiver—especially a spouse—may be hesitant to ask for help or a break. Be sure to acknowledge how important the caregiver has been for the care recipient. Also, discuss the physical and emotional effects caregiving can have on people. Although caregiving can be satisfying, it also can be very hard work.

Here are some ways you can help your caregiving parent, even if you live far away:

  • Offer to arrange for respite care so the caregiver can get a break. This can be provided at home, through an adult day services program, or at a skilled nursing facility.
  • Find local services and support groups. You can try the ARCH National Respite Locator Service or the Well Spouse Association.
  • Arrange for additional home-based care to make staying at home easier. In-home aides can help the primary caregiver have more energy to devote to caregiving and some time for themselves.

Learn more about how family members can share caregiving responsibilities, even from far away.

Last Updated on April 29, 2020

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