Dementia Awareness Proclamation Approved for the Village of Westmont

City of Westmont Press Release:

Susan Frick with Westmont Village Officials

At the November 7, 2019 Village of Westmont Board Meeting, the Village approved a proclamation declaring that November 7 be Dementia Friendly Awareness Day in Westmont.  November is also National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.  Several staff and residents from Aspired Living of Westmont were in attendance to participate.

“The Village of Westmont is proud to be known as a community that offers support for residents and visitors who have dementia,” said Westmont Mayor Ron Gunter.  “With this proclamation, we are making plans to ensure that Westmont is responsive to the needs of people who are challenged with these issues.”  

Westmont will be working on several initiatives to support the message of the proclamation such as working with the business community to identify dementia-friendly businesses as well as reviewing the Village website to include links for resources for dementia.  Ultimately, Westmont is moving towards being recognized as a Dementia Friendly Community.  Currently, there are only 8 communities in Illinois that have received this recognition.

Last Updated on April 28, 2020

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