The 2019 “Parent” Alzheimer’s Disease FOAs and their “Children” Notices

The 2019 “parent” Alzheimer’s disease FOAs: What’s with all the Notices?

Kimberly Kramer, Health Specialist, Division of Extramural Activities

In the interest of increasing speed and efficiency, NIA initiated last year a new strategy for announcing Alzheimer’s-related research topics we hope to support. Instead of issuing a separate funding opportunity announcement (FOA) for each research topic, we created a “parent” FOA and then issued a Notice specifying nine topics that fell within the purview of that parent. This proved to be highly effective.

FOAs have special rules regarding structure, content, and review, and the publication process can take several months. The rules for Notices are significantly abridged, which means we can get them out the door much more quickly. So, when this year’s challenge was to reissue nearly a dozen expiring FOAs on a tight schedule, we decided once again to create a parent FOA and reissue the expiring research topics as “children” Notices. Read the full blog post.

Last Updated on April 29, 2020

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