What’s on the Agenda (Summary)

1. Dementia Friendly Illinois Update –

a. Dementia Friendly Evanston – Provided an update on progress to date with focus groups.

b. Dementia Friendly River Forest – Been on hold. Would like to connect and learn from Dementia Friendly Evanston

c. Dementia Friendly Communities Sub-Committee – See the attached meetings about Dementia Friendly Network on the West Side, continuing work on South Side, work with Dementia Friendly (Woodson) Library, Memory Cafes

d. Invited to present at Illinois Department on Aging meeting in Peoria, Illinois

e. Three dementia capable grant communities through Area Agencies on Aging continue their work

f. Susan Frick to represent Illinois Efforts in a regional meeting with Wisconsin and Minnesota being scheduled in the Summer/Fall

g. National work continues to share models and streamline engagement between national and state contacts

h. Consensus that information shared in meetings with ICRN about community work would be posted for broader sharing on the Dementia Friendly Illinois webpage

2. Dementia Friends Update

a. Plan on presenting to PA students at Rush Dementia Friends as part of their dementia training

b. Continue to work on train the trainer model for Dementia Champions and to collect information about numbers reached through training sessions

c. Grant application to work with CLESE to translate and test Dementia Friends Curriculum into Cantonese was not selected

d. Testing a dementia-friendly movie experience in Elmhurst

3. CATCH-ON Update

a. Dissemination work continues

b. Meeting of the ICRN subgroup to talk about options along with plans for Year 4 continuation of work

-NICHE Conference April 11, 2018 (presentation)

-NW Alzheimer’s Disease Day May 10, 2018 (poster)

-Loyola Summer Institute May 21, 2018 (training)

-IDOA June 13, 2018 (modified training)

Added to DNP course (MZ)

Meeting arranged with Rush nursing representatives for potential staff training (MZ)

Contact with 4th Pres and newsletter for Chicago Diocese (MZ)

Manuscript (in progress)

4. Healthy Brain Research Network Updates

a. Federal funding increased funds to CDC to support Brain Health efforts

b. Next roadmap is getting finalized

5. Dementia capable efforts
a. No additional items to report. Continuing with caregiver trainings

6. Alzheimer’s Disease Advisory Committee updates
a. Had a smaller number of pilot grants this year

7. Other News/Updates
a. In state budget, increase in AD funds with special thanks for advocacy work of Alzheimer’s Association Illinois and others.

b. Northwestern Advocacy Day coming up and may be an opportunity for a poster around Dementia Friends Illinois

c. Advocacy Day in Springfield coming up April 11

d. Continued increase in federal budget for Alzheimer’s disease to NIH

e. Continue to share little paragraphs about the work ongoing for blog posts on the ICRN website





Last Updated on April 28, 2020

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