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7 Steps You Can Take Today

1. Get Informed Knowledge is power. Learn everything you can about your illness. Aging, Memory Loss and Dementia (PDF) Early Stage Resources   (PDF) Getting a Diagnosis (PDF) Living with Alzheimer’s Disease (PDF) Principles for a Dignified Diagnosis (PDF) 2. Partner With Your Doctors Together with you and your care partners, the doctor shouldContinue reading “7 Steps You Can Take Today”

Alzheimer’s Myths

      Myth 1: Memory loss is a natural part of aging. Reality: As people age, it’s normal to have occasional memory problems, such as forgetting the name of a person you’ve recently met. However, Alzheimer’s is more than occasional memory loss. It’s a disease that causes brain cells to malfunction and ultimately die.Continue reading “Alzheimer’s Myths”

Late-Stage Caregiving (3rd Part)

The late stage of Alzheimer’s disease may last from several weeks to several years. As the disease progresses, intensive, around-the-clock care is usually required. What to expect Your role as caregiver Late-stage care options Food and fluids Bowel and bladder function Skin and body health Infections and pneumonia Pain and illness   What to expectContinue reading “Late-Stage Caregiving (3rd Part)”

Middle-Stage Caregiving (Part 2) to be continued…..

The middle stages of Alzheimer’s are typically the longest and can last for many years. As dementia progresses, the person with Alzheimer’s will require a greater level of care. During this time, it’s important to get the support you need as a caregiver. What to expect Your role as caregiver Middle-stage concerns   What toContinue reading “Middle-Stage Caregiving (Part 2) to be continued…..”

Real People… Real Stories

Georgia’s Story Georgia (far right) with her mom and sisters Lisa (left) and Jennifer. Thank you for this incredible opportunity to share our experiences and gain comfort and support from each other. I’d like to tell you about my Mom, Janice (pronounced Ja-niece). The experience of caring for her in the last years of herContinue reading “Real People… Real Stories”

Caregivers for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Face Special Challenges (1st Part)

You are not alone. Whether you need information about (1st Part) early-stage caregiving, (2nd Part) middle-stage caregiving, or (3rd Part) late-stage caregiving, the Alzheimer’s Association is here to help. EARLY STAGE CAREGIVING In the early stage of Alzheimer’s, most people function independently. He or she may still drive, take part in social activities, volunteer and evenContinue reading “Caregivers for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Face Special Challenges (1st Part)”