Your Alzheimer’s Association Plate is Coming!

Alzheimer's license plates

$23 of the annual $25 renewal fee comes back to the Alzheimer’s Association to provide care, support, educational and awareness programs.

We’ve Got Big News!

The state has approved the final design (see image above) and detailed letters are being sent to all residents that reserved a plate!

The design phase has officially begun! The Illinois Secretary of State has informed the Alzheimer’s Association that #ENDALZ license plates will be on vehicles by the end of this year!

The Illinois Secretary of State has received the required 1,500 reservations, which means they can now begin the production process for Alzheimer’s Association® specialty license plates! Thank you for all of your patience and support, and for helping make Illinois the FIRST state in the nation to achieve this!!

Alzheimer’s Association specialty license plates will help raise dementia awareness, while also providing us with a steady source of additional revenue so we can continue to offer the care and support that individuals and families facing Alzheimer’s disease throughout Illinois desperately need. With the fiscal crisis in Springfield showing no signs of letting up, these dollars will be especially important.

In the coming months, we will be working with the Secretary of State to finalize the license plate’s design. The state police will then need to conduct an internal review to make sure the design is safe and approved for use on Illinois roads. Once that process is complete, you will receive a license plate transfer application directly from them. And don’t worry, if you need to renew your current plates before you get your Alzheimer’s Association specialty license plates, when the Secretary of State sends you your new purple plates, you will also be sent a sticker that matches your vehicle’s registration status.

Check back here as we get updates from the Secretary of State.

In early 2018, the Secretary of State will have our plate on their website. Please visit and click on “Pick-a-Plate”, then “Specialty Plate”.

Thank you for again for your continued support! Your passion and determination are what drive us to keep fighting every day for a world without Alzheimer’s®!


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