Self Care

Be diagnosed with dementia can be bring about different emotions for each person. Some have reporting feeling angry or sad. Some state that they do not believe it at first and some have said they appreciated hearing the diagnosis because it gave a reason to what they were experiencing. 

Finding your own way on this journey can take some time. One person with dementia referred to it as learning to live in the new groove.

Some suggestions include:

  •  Engage in activities you enjoy
  • Stay connected to family and friends
  • Do something physical
  • Eat healthy
  •  Try to reduce stress

Here is some advice from others living with dementia.

“Find something to be involved in.”

Person with dementia

“Figure out how to forgive yourself. You didn’t ask to have this.”

Person with dementia

“When you can’t remember or can’t find something. Take a moment. Getting upset doesn’t help.”


“I don’t want dementia to rule my life. I just want to live.”

Person with dementia

“Do something physical every day. It helps.”

Person with dementia
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