The Barrington community is aware that dementia affects much more than an individual and its family. We want to reduce the stigma of dementia and raise awareness of the disease. Our entire community has been sculpted by individuals who have for years made it what it is today and those individuals need to be treated with respect and dignity and given the ability to stay in their homes and interact with others. We have already seen a great response to creating a Dementia Friendly Community from a very diverse group of individuals, organizations and businesses in the area.

Dementia Friendly Barrington Activities

The Barrington Area Council on Aging (BACOA) has developed a broad  multi-sector Dementia Friendly Task Force which consists of representatives from the:

  • Barrington Area Council on Aging
  • Barrington Area Library
  • Good Shepherd Hospital; Barrington Area Council on Governments
  • Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce; Village of Barrington
  • Right at Home In-Home Care & Assistance
  • Ageucate
  • Barrington Fire Department
  • Barrington Police Department
  • BriteStar Care of Barrington & McHenry County
  • Barrington Bank & Trust
  • Barrington High School/School District 220
  • Synergy Home Care of Barrington
  • American Hospital Association
  • Amita Neurosciences Institute
  • Heartland Hospice
  • Presbyterian Church of Barrington

The team has planned monthly Dementia Friendly Cuisine Clubs, community educational events and a resource guide for those dealing with the disease. Partnerships have been developed with the local high school and community leaders.

Contact Dementia Friendly Barrington

Terri Channer
Barrington Area Council on Aging

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