Library Support

Helping the Dementia Friendly Initiative through education, resources, outreach and support

For many Dementia Friendly Communities, the public library is a key part of their efforts.

Libraries provide programming and resources for people with dementia, their caregivers and the greater community.

Library Efforts within Dementia Friendly Communities

Elgin Public Library

  • Elgin Memory Cafe’
  • Stressbusting for Caregivers of Those with Chronic Conditions
  • Music and Memory
  • Videos on Great American Amusement Parks and Mountain Men and Women of the Wild West
  • Power Points on Route 66 and The History of Drive-In Movie Theaters
  • Easily reproducible programs
  • Kits to drop-off at homes and senior facilities
  • Technology that works

Westmont Public Library

The Caregiver Corner at the Westmont Public Library

Additional Library Efforts

Carter G Woodson Chicago Regional Public Library

  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Arts for Brain Health Programs
  • Caregiver Support Groups

General Library Resources

Dementia Awareness Training for Public Library Staff