Keep The Momentum Going

Once you have completed the application process and have become a Dementia Friendly Community, it can be difficult to keep the momentum going.

Here are some suggestions.

Create a strong task force of key people in the community

Develop connection with local government officials

Integrate sector training into existing structures, such as the HR process and new employee training

Develop champion within businesses who can oversee training for that area

Use the soon to be released Dementia Friendly Evaluation Guide to set new goals and give direction to task force

Collect some wins which can be shared – personal stories and data

Approach local businesses for sponsorships. Helps with community investment

Rotate who is the chair of the task force

Sign up for to be aware of possible funding opportunities

Join the Sustainability Sub-Committee

This sub-committee meets every other month and discusses ways to maintain Dementia Friendly efforts after achieving recognition. For information, email Susan Frick.