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The Oak Park Dementia Friendly Initiative – Vision

The Dementia Friendly Action Team aims to increase the overall quality of life for all Oak Park residents, both now and in the future, by focusing on providing sustainable person-centered change that allows for continued engagement in the community for those impacted by dementia.

The Oak Park Dementia Friendly Initiative – Goals

  • Reduce stigma by raising the level of understanding and acceptance of what it means to live with dementia in our community, through education and awareness.
  • Reduce social isolation by increasing awareness of programs tailored to the need of those impacted by dementia.
  • Implement programs to address identified gaps in support.
  • Create a safe and respectful community by increasing awareness about dementia and training local businesses to offer dementia friendly customer service in their commercial space.
  • Ensure our first responders are adequately equipped to address the needs of those impacted by dementia by providing sensitivity and awareness training to better support their ability to interact with and service this population.
  • Provide a platform for those impacted by dementia to share their experiences and guide the community’s actions to make meaningful change.
  • Work to engage all sectors of our community to be dementia friendly, including, but now limited to, business, communities of faith, healthcare organizations, institutions of learning, financial institutions, and other age-related service providers.

Oak Park Dementia Friendly Activities

  • Creation of sector specific online training sessions
  • In person training sessions at the library and other locations
  • First responder in person training
  • Emergency bracelet program
  • Memory Cafes
  • Film Screenings
  • Memory Kit program

The Dementia Friendly Oak Park website.

For Information 

Tammie Grossman
Director Development Customer Services
Village of Oak Park

Cameron Davis
Assistant Director Development Customer Services
Village of Oak Park

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