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Caregiving is a difficult task, but here are some tips on Practical Caregiving:

There is also training and education available for caregivers from the Alzheimer’s Association. This website provides online training as well as “essentiALZ” certification. (Please note that this certification does have a fee.)

The Family Caregiver Alliance provides a wide array of support:

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America has helpful strategies for caregivers, as well as Education and Care for your loved one such as ways to help with behavior like music or dog therapy.

The National Institute on Aging also provides numerous Fact Sheets for caregivers and those possibly experiencing memory loss with helpful information.


While dementia can not be stopped or cured, there are treatments available to help in slowly the progression of the disease. (Please ask a doctors opinion before taking any medications.)

  • The Alzheimer’s Association provides information on different forms of treatment such as medications for memory loss treatments for sleep, questions for your doctor, clinical trials, and possible alternative treatments.
  • While medication can be helpful, it is always important to make sure that you are safe while using any sort of treatment. Here are some tips on medication safety.

Financial and Legal Planning

Caring for a loved one, on top of being difficult emotionally, can also be difficult financially. It is important to start planning ahead both financially and legally. The Alzheimer’s Association can assist in helping to find ways to cover costs and help to understand legal matters.

  • One of the largest burden can be Paying for Care. The Alzheimer’s Association provides some information on Insurance, Employee Benefits, Retirement Benefits, and other ways to pay for dementia care.
  • The Illinois Department on Aging also provides information on a Senior Health Insurance Program, (SHIP) along with all of contact information.

Additional Resources

Please see these additional websites for Family Caregivers:

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